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10 Amazing Ideas to Upsell on Your Shopify Store

June 14, 2021 0 comments

Upsell on Your Shopify Store

Upsell on your Shopify store is very important. The fact is that upselling remains an effective tool to increase the store’s average order value and boost its conversation rates. In addition, when the upselling technique is appropriately set, it will encourage and motivate your store visitors to make additional purchases, opt for upgraded products, or go for additional services in place of products.

For instance, if you are selling smartphones and customers select the 32GB model, you can offer a 64 GB model as an upsell. Thus, the original product chosen by the customer will be replaced by an upgraded/better version. Read on to find out ten fantastic ideas to upsell on your Shopify store.

Product Upsell

This approach entails offering your customers any product from your current product catalog. For instance, when you deal in T-Shirt sales, cross-selling of another T-shirt that comes in a different pattern can be done, or you can include a matching pair of jeans in the product catalog to create a perfect outfit.

Additionally, try to sell complementary products; assuming that you deal in the sales of a coffee machine, items that you can use to complement are; coffee capsules. Another thing you can do is to offer a genuine upsell, which enables your customers to replace their initially chosen item with an upgraded or superior option. For example, you can provide a glamorous phone case instead of a simple one.

Smart Auto-Upsell

It is pretty impossible to know the product that will interest your customer accurately. Therefore, to save you time, ensure that you display the most relevant products to your customers and create an AI-enabled smart auto-upsell that features a Shopify product recommendations API and select the products depending on customer interaction with the platform. Our Shopify automation formula can help guide you.

Gift Packaging

Asides from creating upsell provisions for physical products, kindly ensure that you do the same for service upsell. For instance, you can include a gift to your products, which can add value to your customers. In addition, including gift packaging in your products can boost your sales and encourage the customers to give somebody a gift.

Custom Note

A customer gift note can also be offered as an upsell to your customers. Consider adding this package to a parent product. For instance, a customer can include a unique engraving to their package. Adding a special engraving to a glass vase is a fantastic way of encouraging customers to purchase the products.

Extended Warranty

For instance, if you engage in the sales of electronic devices or any item associated with return issues, you can inform your customers that you are willing to extend the warranty period as an extra service. For example, imagine offering a customer a 3-year warranty period instead of the standard two years; the customer will be forced to opt for your product.

Premium Email Support

Understand that customers cherish premium support, mainly if one of the fundamental values of your company is customer satisfaction. You can offer premium Email support to your customers as an upsell.

First in Line

Ensure that your customers are given the opportunity for priority shipping. Consider fast shipping for your customers, especially those who prefer superior shipping and are ready to pay for such a service willingly.

Incognito Shipping

If this applies to your business, you can allow the customer to order a product without including your brand’s label. It is another fantastic way to upsell a service.

Mystery Product

Your loyal customers can push for more and include a mystery product in their catalog. First, create a mystery product upsell and set the limit; afterward, choose any product from your catalog once the customer selects it.

Personalized Service

Use Candy Rack App to create a custom service associated with your business, such as; loyalty points, donation opportunities, green shipping options, etc.

Different Types of Upsells

Soft: This can be described as a gentle way of providing an upsell bundle on the catalog page, checkout section, or cart page. The fantastic thing is that it doesn’t cause any distraction and comes at a low rate. An example of a soft approach is Amazon’s FBG because it doesn’t add anything extra to the conversion funnel.

Pop-up: Pop-up is one of the most effective approaches which could be displayed as a passive offer. It implies that customers are not expected to click to continue with their activity or close it. Also, it can come as an active offer that requires someone to either decline or accept the offer to continue with the process.

One-click: It implies that customers can purchase a product through a single click by incorporating their stored payment information. This technique is applied on the order confirmation page after the customer inputted all details, including the credit card.

Post-purchase: This technique recently became very popular. The upsell offer is inputted on the post-purchase page, like thank you page and order confirmation page, and comes immediately after the customer has completed the original transaction.

Chat or Agent:  It entails offering to upsell to a customer through online chat, phone, or agent. This technique is very effective, but its application is limited as not every platform features a live chat.

List of Best Upsell Apps on Shopify

Bold Upsell: This app lets you offer upsells on post-purchase, cart page, and product page, supporting free gifts, discounting, multiple offers, and other types. It is categorized as a versatile upsell tool on Shopify App Store.

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell: It is costly, but you will get the full value for your money. It is clean and super slick. Supports discounting, in-cart pop-up upsells and encourages customers to make more purchases.

Discounted Upsells: Enables you to create a customized pop-up to upsell additional goods with a discount. Come with a simple setup and UI and very effective for upselling.


This article is rich as it provides information about the best apps to use for upselling, different types of upselling, and fantastic ideas to upsell on your Shopify Store. Ensure that you peruse the article thoroughly and make an informed decision.

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